Sunday, 8 January 2012

Its that time again, Carnival!

In 5 weeks get your body in perfect shape with the Carnival Fitness Boot Camp
Workouts for individual capability, Nutrition made easy, Motivation along the way
5 spots remainingonly TTD$350.00 MONEY BACK GUARANTY 
Registration starts now, session starts on the 11th January

Contact us at of call 1 (868) 763-8964

Additional information:

Workout Days - Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
Cooking Session - One health “CookUp” session
Group Nutritional  Consultation- After the first boot camp session
Boot Camp Times - 5 pm to 6pm
Training Methods - Sports specific and athletic type training, plyimetrices and calisthenics
Type of workouts - Circuits and intervals.
Focus - Toning/or to get lean, weight loss, maintaining, endurance, Health.
Equipments - Exercise bands and mats, weight ball, stability ball, corns, body weight etc
Locations - Queen’s Park Savannah, Lady Chancellor Hill and at the Beach
Price - A small price will be given to the most improved overall fitness boot camp member

Let’s get in healthy together while having fun, then play your MAS fit.

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