Wednesday, 18 January 2012

This workout sure to promote fat loss, muscle gain and major endurance. 

Leg press - 10 reps (quads, glutes, calves and lower back)
Chinups/Pull ups - 10 reps (lats/back and biceps)
Walking lunges -10 reps (quads, glutes/butt and abs)
Bench press – 10 reps (chest and triceps)
Leg curls 10 reps (hamstrings/back of the legs)
Should press 10 reps (shoulders)
Standing calves 15 reps (calves)

  • Warm up, 10 - 15 mins walk/run on at treadmill/stationary bicycle before commencing routine
  • Stretch all major muscle groups
  • 3-4 cycles with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest at the end of each cycle for 40 seconds.
  • Cool down, 5 mins walk on at treadmill/stationary bicycle
  • Stretch all major muscle groups 
This workout together with some abdominal work can be done on Mon, Wed and Fri, added to light cardio sessions 30-45 mins on Tue and Thu for best results. This type of workout helps to reduce overall body fat extremely fast, within a 6 weeks period, which is great for those with weight loss goals of just want to get leaner. This can be done without cardio days. Adding heavier weights with low repetitions will help for mass building and moderate weights with high repetition for reducing weight.