Thursday, 5 January 2012

Why did I really started this blog?

Hey, my name Christopher Silverton-Thong, founder of “Perfect Health TV”.

You may be wondering why I started this blog.

Well, I am a Certified Personal Trainer with additional training in Medical Emergencies (EMT) and HIV/AIDS Education. To date I have served hundreds of clients assisting with goal accomplishment. I have come to understand that to achieve optimum health you have to consider Spiritual, Mental and Physical Wellbeing. Only when these three areas have been satisfied then Perfect Health can be felt.

Growing up in the Caribbean on the typical western world diet I was over weight with minor medical problems. This and the loss of my mother from cancer prompted a change in lifestyle. With full commitment and a trained professional I was able to lose all the weight but I gained the passion for Wellness. Who would have thought this journey was leading me to an amazing career?

After completing my studies in health at University level, I worked with numerous gyms as a Personal Trainer, and a few years later I bought my own studio. I competed in many fitness competitions where I was constantly awarded one of three top spots. With the drive to promote wellness to a global community I sold my studio in 2011,  

Spreading my experience and knowledge of wellness, together with the vision to motivate others, is my main goal. With the use of social media forums like this one I will bring to you helpful wellness videos that will assist you in obtaining Perfect Health.

I invite you now to join me on this journey by subscribing to my youtube channel and following me on twitter, google+, Facebook and this blog, in this way I will be of service to your wellness needs. Now, I want to express my deepest gratitude for you time.

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