Monday, 16 April 2012

This plan may cause you to transform your body within 5 weeks

Checkout recipe page for cooking videos.

Carbohydrates/Vegetables - Sweet potatoes, yams, beetroot, brown rice, oats, zucchini,     eggplant, real whole wheat/grain bread, and whole wheat/grain pita bread (wrap)

Proteins - Fish, chicken breast, eggs (both white and yolk), Turkey, lean beef and dairy 

Group 1. Vegetables - Mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, pack choy, spinach, parsley, onions, watercress and Grains (lentils, channa etc) 
Group 2. Good fats – Coconut oil (raw or for cooking), olive oil, flaxseed oil (flaxseeds) and avocado oil (avocados)
Group 3. Fruits low is sugar, nuts and seeds

Meal Examples

Monday Meals

Breakfast - Eggs and Veggies (Group 1) Scramble with 2 Slice Whole Grain/Wheat Bread
Lunch - Brown Rice, Veggies and or Grains (Group 1) with Chicken Breast
Snack (Opt) - Group 3
Dinner - Fish with Veggies (Group 1)    

Tuesday Meals
Breakfast - Smoothie (Fruit, Oats, Dairy) or Juicing (Veggies and Fruit)
Lunch - Sweet Potatoes, Veggies and or Grains (Group 1) with Fish   
Snack - Group 3   
Dinner - Turkey with Veggies (Group 1)

Breakfast - Tuna, Pita bread (wrap) and Veggies (Group 1)
Lunch - Beetroot, Veggies and or Grains (Group 1) with Lean beef
Snack - Group 3
Dinner - Chicken Breast with Veggies (Group 1)

You should be able to construct meals for the rest of the week on your own.

Portions was not given, please don’t over eat (eat slow as to allow the brain to register fullness)
Works well with a 30-45 mins total body workout 3-4 days per week (combination of both weights and cardiovascular training)